The Biofarm Renewal Energy Vocational Rehabilitation Water and Sanitation Awards
SHUMAS CAMEROON SHUMAS CAMEROON SHUMAS CAMEROON For a Just One world and Sustainable Development
Billian Nyuykighan - Programmes Coordinator   TMrs. Nyuykighan attended primary  school at Presbyterian School Nseh,  secondary school at Christ the King  College Nso, and obtained a post  graduate diploma in Community  Development and Mobilization at  ARI-Japan. She first worked as a  banker before joining development  work. She has been working for  SHUMAS for 17 years in various  positions.
Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka - Founder and Director General   Mr. Stephen is a jurist, development analyst/manager,  and an environmental manager. He helped set up  SHUMAS in June 1996 and has worked for the  organization for 19 years. In addition, he is a consultant  to many local councils, church organizations, etc. He has  participated in many national and international fora,  conferences, workshops, and seminars as a participant,  guest speaker,andfacilitator in many countries. Before  establishing SHUMAS, he worked as a teacher and as a  legal advisor to many companies. He has studied at numerous institutions in  Cameroon and the United States. His major objective at the moment is to put in  place a full scale sustainability strategy for SHUMAS by 2018, so that by 2020  SHUMAS can self-fund 40% of its budget.
Ntam Gisela Berinyuy - Assistant Programmes Coordinator Gisela has been working in SHUMAS for the past 7  years in various capacities. She has a B.Sc in  Geography and Environmental Management from  the University of Dschang, and obtained a post-  graduate diploma in Development Leadership from  the Coady International Institute at St. Francis  Xavier University, Antigonish, Canada. She has a  passion for working for people, especially changing  the lives of the underprivileged. This is her key  motivation for joining SHUMAS, whose vision falls squarely within her life's  goal.
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