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 For a Just One world and Sustainable Development
Objective:   To help young and older people to gain and share useful experiences in the sphere of development, as well as to support the organization to attain its objectives. Achievements: Since 1993, SHUMAS has provided volunteering opportunities to more than 250 international volunteers and more than 500 national volunteers. Challenges: This program is important but not free of challenges. The constant rotation of volunteers and interns requires the time and attention of the staff to manage. Volunteers do not always have the specific skills that employees would be hired for. Future Plans: SHUMAS will continue to provide opportunities for volunteers and interns to gain skills in development work and become marketable in the job market. Testimonies from Volunteers I am Vicky Ngwanya Nfor a degree student from National Polytechnic Bamenda.Reading journalism and media currently carrying out my internship at Strategic humanitarian services (SHUMAS). As a result of this internship, I now understand the role of communication in the promotion of sustainable development. This internship has so far broadened my skills in report and project writing which is most vital in the proper functioning of SHUMAS.SHUMAS has impacted a lot in me because I am able to draft feasibility, write reports and also to come out with an operational plan and I have also observed handing over of projects (Water project). In all SHUMAS is an amazing place; the staff are sociable and like the fact that we get along so well which has gone a long way to improving the spirit of team work in me. I am called Kathrin Schall and I am a German volunteer under the “weltwaerts”- program at SHUMAS.  I was coming to Cameroon in September 2013 because after graduating from high school I decided to make voluntary services for one year in another country before going to university. Arriving in SHUMAS I started working in the different programs,  by mainly doing office duties and at times going on field trips, e.g. to pay school fees of SHUMAS beneficiaries under the education program, visit ex-trainees of the Rehabilitation Center (under the Social Welfare program) for impact assessment  or participate in handing over of school or water projects. Presently I am working in the Rehabilitation Center and assist there in the management. I like to work with the disabled persons and addressing them in their special needs. But also I can learn from them, their happiness and their skills in traditional embroidery, sewing, cane weaving, jewelry, shoe mending and making, knitting and hair dressing. Gaining a lot of work experiences and self-esteem here I am looking forward in my own future. Not only because SHUMAS is giving me this big chance to improve my personal and professional skills I can now see that this voluntary year is leading me to make right decisions concerning my future. Moreover, I discovered the inside of a hard-working NGO in rural development. My name is Wuyika Anabel and I am a volunteer at SHUMAS Cameroon. Being part of the SHUMAS goals has made me gain skills in fieldwork and a lot of professional experience while working in collaboration with communities in meeting their needs. SHUMAS being a results-oriented organization with its participatory approach to carrying out her activities has given me a good insight into what it means to work with a community. I love it at SHUMAS. Talking of team spirit, you get it here 100% because you can`t do it solo.